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Healthcare Costs are Rising Faster Than the Rate of Inflation

Medical and pharmaceutical costs continue to rise faster than the average income, which is why quality healthcare coverage is so important. Medicare has been an important solution for so many people, especially seniors age 65 and older; while the program helps make healthcare affordable, it doesn’t cover everything.

In general, Medicare covers:

  • Preventative care and screening services
  • Prescriptions
  • Emergency care
  • Medical supplies and equipment

There are always exceptions to this list, but the John M. Glover Agency understands our clients’ concerns when it comes to gaps in Medicare coverage. We’re experienced in providing cost-effective solutions that complement Medicare so we can determine the best course of action when tailoring a plan to suit your needs.

Medicare Supplements Help Pay for Things Medicare Doesn’t Cover

With offices throughout the Northeast states, the John M. Glover Agency is conveniently positioned to work on your behalf to find the best coverage for your situation.

In order to qualify for a Medicare supplement – which is sometimes referred to as Medigap insurance – you must be:

  • Enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B
  • Age 65 or over, or under age 65 with a disability
  • A resident in your policy’s state

Medicare supplements vary state by state, as do eligibility requirements, but the John M. Glover Agency has experience in multiple states and can determine your eligibility for specific plans.

In as Little as 10 Years, Medicare Won’t be Able to Cover the Full Amount of Beneficiaries’ Hospital Costs

Medicare may not always provide the level of security it does now, which is why supplementing is going to be so important in the future. Don’t put off protecting your health because you don’t think your coverage will pay all your medical bills. Call the John M. Glover Agency at 800-716-9578 to speak with a friendly agent who can guide you through your options.



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