The part of your homeowners insurance policy known as “dwelling  coverage” helps pay for the repair or rebuilding of the physical structure of your home in the event it is damaged by a covered hazard. Dwelling coverage typically extends from the home to attached structures such as a garage, deck, and back or front porch. However, because an unattached garage, fence, or shed is not physically attached to the home, it is not likely to be protected by dwelling coverage. If it is not covered, ask your insurance agent about another aspect of homeowners insurance called “other structures coverage,” which helps pay for repair or replacement of structures other than your home.

Dwelling coverage is usually subject to limits and deductibles. Read your policy to learn what your limits and deductibles are. Your insurance agent can help you adjust them to fit your needs. For more information, please call our office. We are more than insurance specialists; we are your advocates.We make ourselves available to clients, explaining coverage options and navigating issues until they’re resolved.

QUICK TIP: Dwelling coverage is usually subject to deductibles and limits. Your dwelling limit is based on the estimated cost of rebuilding your home (not its market value).