Are you a high volume certificate user?

Technology at work for you

John M. Glover has enhanced your customer service experience by introducing new online client access options. John M. Glover’s online access offers you secure access to your insurance information online 24 hours a day.
As one of John M. Glover’s valued clients, this new program provides you with a variety of added services which include:

  • Print and/or email a Certificate of Insurance or Automobile ID Card
  • Maintain and manage an up-to-date list of certificate holders
  • Customized user access 24/7

Best of all, these services are available to you at no additional cost!

Print and/or email a Certificate of Insurance or Automobile ID Card

With John M. Glover online access you have the ability to print your own Certificates of Insurance or Auto ID Cards. This service is available 24 hours a day from anywhere you have internet access. This is extremely valuable in situations where a last minute Certificate of Insurance is required in order to conduct or continue business, or when an Auto ID Card has been lost or misplaced. Both of these documents may be printed, emailed or faxed directly from John M. Glover’s online access portal.

Maintain and Manage Certificate Holders, Loss Payees and Additional Insureds

John M. Glover online access enables you to manage all of your certificate holders in one location. You can add, modify and delete holders at any time. In addition, John M. Glover online access provides an easy review process prior to renewal. You can eliminate past certificate holders who no longer do business with you and/or who don’t require a renewal certificate. This enables you, and John M. Glover, to distribute certificates to only those companies or individuals who have a current interest in your business or operations.

Customize user access

Because each John M. Glover online access user is assigned a unique sign-on and password, you can designate one or more individuals within your office to have access to your insurance information. Based upon your needs, John M. Glover online access may be tailored to provide very limited or a very broad array of information for your users.



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