Droning on

If you or a member of your family uses a drone, you should check with your homeowner’s insurance company as to whether damages caused by drones are covered by the liability portion of your homeowners or renters policy. While some homeowner’s policies provide coverage for model or hobby aircraft, others cover only model aircraft while still others exclude any aircraft. Even if a policy covers the hobby use of a drone, it may not cover commercial use of a drone by a business. With this in mind, those receiving compensation for taking drone images should consult with their insurance agent about getting proper coverage. Because coverage is evolving along with technology, it’s important to regularly keep up on coverage changes.

Most standard homeowners insurance policies exclude liability coverage for aircraft, but will include coverage for “model or hobby aircraft,” like your personal drone. Commercial or business use of your drone is not normally covered under a homeowners policy. Whether it’s personal or business insurance, our office designs and develops total insurance programs. To learn more, please call our office today.

Quick Tip: If your drone damages your vehicle, the loss would be covered by the comprehensive coverage on your car insurance. If your drone damages another person’s automobile, it may be covered by the liability coverage on your homeowner’s insurance.