About Us

About Us

The John M. Glover Agency has been servicing the insurance needs of the Fairfield County area since 1916! Since then, we have continued to grow and expand the North-East. The agency was built on the principles of providing superior customer service and quality insurance solutions for our clients, and we work hard to uphold these values today.

Our team strives to make the insurance process as simple as possible for our clients. As one of our clients, we will be there for you when you need us most. If an emergency occurs and you need to speak with one of our agents, you will be able to reach them at anytime. We thrive on the trust that our clients place in us, and we hope to build long-lasting professional relationships with each one.

As an independent agent, John M. Glover Agency works closely with numerous insurance companies that have proven their reliability, stability, and performance over the years. Through our partnerships with these carriers, we are dedicated to getting you the best insurance products and services available today to protect you, your family, and your business.

The History Of Our Agency

Our agency was established in 1916 by Mr. John M. Glover. In the beginning, it was primarily a real estate operation which supplemented its income through personal lines insurance writing. After the war in the late 40’s, Mr. Glover hired Robert B. Woodcock to run the insurance end of the business. (Bob was previously employed by his father in a NY brokerage outfit). By 1949, Robert Woodcock worked a deal to purchase the entire Glover operation and became the Operating Officer of the partnership which made the purchase.

In 1954, Bob and his silent partner, Frank Brazel, incorporated. Bob ran the business and created the base upon which the current operation was built. By the 1970’s, the agency had grown to 2.5 million and was about 65% commercial.

In 1973, Raymond T. Matthews joined the agency as an underwriter to support the commercial growth. Frank Brazel passed away in the 70’s and Raymond Matthews was made Junior Partner with 49% of the stock.

In the early 80’s, the agency growth flattened out and changes in the business climate forced Mr. Woodcock to consider retirement. On January 1, 1983, Raymond Matthews became the sole owner of the agency.

Raymond Matthews immediately began to modernize the operations and change its basic mutual representation to that of a very diverse insurance writer. The agency volume grew rapidly, along with the number of employees. In July of 1985, Matthews hired John O. Forlivio to understudy him and begin an apprenticeship that would lead to ownership.


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