Jacki Jacobs

“As an independent business owner I am aware that I need to carry insurance for a number of different reasons.  For whatever reason I was hesitant to just walk into any agency and apply, from what I have seen and understand I am not the only business owner with this unfounded aversion to insurance. However, Kyle K. Sullivan of John Glover Insurance Agency took a proactive role in helping me overcome my anxiety about insurance. He took it upon himself to find out what type of insurance I would need and shopped around for the best price.  He even took the time to explain why I needed many of the coverage options that I would never have thought to include in my plan. I now feel quite confident when on a job because I don’t have to worry about what would happen if my equipment was lost or stolen or if a client falls during a shoot, not things that have ever happened yet but if they did I am ready. And as much as I hope that I never have to see Kyle for insurance reasons I am extremely comfortable in the knowledge that if something should come up he would not only be helpful but also go the extra mile. I have already recommended him to other small business owners, especially those who like me deal in situations where not only money but memories are at stake.” –Jacki Jacobs Photography