Anonymous 2

“Dear John,

I don’t usually write these kinds of letters, but I feel obligated to tell you how impressed I am with Anthony Maggiore, and I want to make sure he gets a “gold star” or whatever kudos you can dish out. 

My family has been with the John Glover Agency for decades – my parents lived in Rowayton in the 1970s and 1980s, and always talked about John Glover.  I’ve only ever had one agent — you guys – and I’ve always been very pleased.  And my sister raves about how much you were able to save her when she had to deal with her insurance company after a huge apartment flood in NYC a few years ago. 

So, Anthony really helped me out in a fender bender case involving my kids’ nanny (the arbitration panel found her to be 0% liable).  After the arbitration decision came down, Anthony followed up and determined that ACE had accidentally failed to counter-claim(!)  He got ACE to give me back my $500 deductible, and, more importantly, to code the claim as a not-at-fault auto accident.   Anthony really went above and beyond the call of duty, and he did it in a professional, courteous way that got results.  Watch out, some day Anthony is going to be running your entire business!  You’d be lucky if he did. We all would. 

Thanks, and I look forward to working with your agents for many years to come.” -Anonymous