Andy and Laura Bazarian

“Ed and John,

I wanted to highlight the outstanding help and support we’ve received from Jonathon Pacheco. We live overseas and our homeowners insurance was recently dropped by Chubb. Our current agent worked hard to try to find replacement coverage. Despite her efforts there were few alternatives and the premium was significantly higher than we were previously paying. As long time customers we were disappointed. Jonathon took the initiative to try to find a better solution. He was able to use his extensive experience and industry relationships to solve this challenging situation.

Jonathon has always been an outstanding partner to us. I’ve encountered very few people in any industry who have his care and concern for their customers. Even fewer can match these qualities with the talent to support the customer. His ability to think dynamically and also maintain a high level of service is one of the most impressive combinations we’ve witnessed. His talent reflects well on your company.” -Andy and Laura Bazarian