Your Child’s Birthday Party

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Birthday parties seem to have taken on a new life these days.  Back when our generation had birthday parties they involved a few friends, some cake and maybe a game or two in the living room.  Now, it is almost expected that your child’s birthday party be at some elaborate venue involving video games or bouncy houses and at least 20-30 friends.  Those parties can be really fun, but they can run into a lot of money.  While you might not want to go back to the way we used to do it in the “olden days”, you can compromise by either inviting less people or having a party at home using some money saving techniques.

One good idea for a nice party at home could be a movie night.  All you would need is a wall and a spot for people to sit.  If it’s a nice night, having the party outside would be wonderful.  Check with your local library to see what movies they have available and let the birthday boy or girl choose one.  Call a trusted rental center and rent a movie projector.  Then make your own popcorn to pass around.  Have everyone bring their own blanket and enjoy the show!

Instead of going to a gymnastic studio or bouncy house place, make an obstacle course in your back yard.  Go to the dollar store and pick up some hula hoops, bouncy balls and if it’s going to be hot out, grab some water balloons.  The hula hoops can be used to jump through in the obstacle course.  They can also be used to play a version of musical chairs and for hula hoop contests.  Once the party is over, give the hula hoops and bouncy balls to your guests as favors.  Throw in a piñata, and you’ve go yourself an awesome kids’ birthday party.  Keep everyone safe and have fun!


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