You Are Now A College Graduate. Your Reward? Buying a New Auto Policy.

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You are finally done. Four years of classes, studying, parties, and roommates are coming to a close as you prepare to graduate and enter the “real world”. Receiving your diploma will mean that you are now as prepared as you can be to start the rest of your life. Or are you? In addition to getting a job, and living on your own, you should take another look at what you pay for car insurance- and how to get a cheaper rate.

There are a number of things car insurance can do to help you through the post-graduation years. Although you are legally required to have auto insurance, it would be a great thing to have even if the law didn’t require it. Liability insurance that protects you from property damage and bodily injury is state-mandated. Liability insurance covers you if you damage a car, person, or property. Different types of car insurance can also be purchased to cover you if you are involved in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver.

You have purchased state-mandated liability coverage to protect you in case you cause an accident- but you have a variety of different options if you choose to purchase more coverage. You could buy collision insurance to pay for damage to your car if you are at fault in an accident, or comprehensive coverage to pay for damage to your car from things like storms, theft, and vandalism. If you’re involved in an accident and end up totaling your car, you will be happy you decided to opt for collision or comprehensive car insurance.

Most students typically insure their car under their parent’s policy. You may not know that you might have higher coverages and lower deductibles than you need by insuring your car through your parents. If you choose to purchase your own policy, you’ll get a discount for already being insured and you can probably lower your costs by changing or cutting back on coverages that you don’t actually want or need. Because you may have a cheaper car and fewer assets than your parents, you can get a lower insurance rate by increasing your deductable and slightly decreasing your coverages.

If you are searching for a new car insurance policy, the only way to know how much you can save is to shop around. One of the easiest ways to get quotes is to do so online. For an easy and fast quote, look to John M. Glover Insurance. With Glover Insurance’s Virtual Insurance Office, you can get a free online car insurance quote right now.

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