With Business Insurance, Connecticut Residents Have Many Options!

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Businesses looking for insurance should be aware of all the
different subcategories
within the broad category of business insurance. Connecticut
business insurance usually contains the following categories:

  • Commercial Property –
    Protects the structure of your business from fire and theft. Additional
    policies can be purchased to protect from instances like flood
  • Commercial Auto – Covers any
    and all cars your business may own
  • Group Benefits – Policies meant
    to protect your employees through Connecticut business
  • General Liability – covers
    your business if your business is involved in a lawsuit
  • Professional Liability –
    With certain businesses, you can get specialty insurances such as Errors
    and Omissions for Accountants, and Directors and Officers for businesses
    with a public interest

With all the different options in business insurance,
Connecticut business owners should think about which ones their business needs,
as well as how much coverage is necessary for each. For more detailed information
on what each of these different aspects of business insurance cover, stay tuned
to the blog in the following weeks!

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