Update Your Commercial Insurance Policies in Connecticut Before Winter Arrives!

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Many New Englanders have already experienced the first snow-fall of the season. With winter weather arriving early, it may be time to prepare early, too! By updating your commercial insurance policies, Connecticut business owners can protect themselves from the unexpected weather conditions ahead!

Here are three important policies to update:

#1: Liability. Your company could be held liable for countless of reasons this season, especially if you do not keep up with your property. Slips and falls on icy walkways are common! To stay safe from liability issues and lawsuits, it may be time to up your coverage, or even look into excess liability.

#2: Commercial property insurance. The winter is surely going to include wintery storms and high winds. Keep your building and property safe and sound by preparing it for these conditions and looking into the extra coverage.

#3: Commercial vehicle insurance. Winter road conditions are treacherous and risky, no matter what kind of car you are driving! If you provide company cars for your employees, you better be sure to cover them all. Collision, medical and liability should be included!

The last thing you need this season is an expensive mishap to set you back a few hundred or even thousand. You may need that money for your Christmas shopping this year! To keep your company safe from those expensive costs, it is important to look into commercial insurance policies. Connecticut business owners can choose from a variety of coverage, including: general liability, excess liability, group benefits, retirement plan administration, workers compensation, commercial auto and property and more!

Don’t let the winter weather slow down your business this season!



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