Tips To Help You Save on Auto Insurance

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Shopping for auto insurance? There are a few things you should know…

  1. Increase your deductable. Raising the amount you pay when you file a
    claim before your insurance company will decrease your annual insurance
  2. Revisit your insurance options. You have an older auto- do you
    really need collision or comprehensive coverage? If the amount you pay
    for your insurance is more than the worth of your car- consider just
    sticking to liability coverage
  3. Buy a more conservative vehicle. Your auto insurance costs are
    influenced by the type of car you drive. If you choose a flashy car that
    is a target for theft, your auto insurance premiums will be affected.
  4. Look into agencies that offer a low mileage discount. If you drive
    less than the standard amount of miles determined by you carrier, your
    may have the opportunity to pay less for your premium.
  5. Have you recently moved? Different places have different insurance
    rates. Do some research- you may find that you could be paying far less
    for your auto insurance premiums after a move.
  6. Make sure the information on your auto policy is correct. You may be
    surprised how often car models, years, and other valuable information
    may be incorrect on an auto insurance policy. Every piece of incorrect
    information on your policy may heighten your insurance costs.
  7. Know your discounts! There may be more opportunities to get
    discounts on your auto insurance than you know of. Do your research! You
    may be able to save if you have multiple policies with an insurance
    agency, own multiple vehicles, are a college student, or are of a
    certain age.

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