This Black Friday, Check Out a Free Insurance Quote, Connecticut!

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Calling all shopaholics! Are you ready for Black Friday? While many Americans dread this day of the year, others are gearing up. Have you filled your tank? Check. Have you made room in your trunk? Check. Have you looked into a free auto insurance quote, Connecticut? …Oops!

Why is it important to check into auto insurance around this time of year, anyway? Judging on the amount of traffic and car break-ins around the holidays, it is safe to say that now is a good time to update your policy. In order to stay clear of any auto accidents and damages this Friday, we have put together a list of tips for you!

Always remember to:

-Follow the rules of the road, no matter how many people you are trying to beat to Best Buy.

-Refrain from multitasking on the way to the store. Stop and go traffic is not an ideal time to eat your breakfast sandwich and drink your coffee.

-Make sure you park in a well-lit area that is as close to the store as possible. This is not only easier for you when you leave, but waiting car thieves are less likely to break into cars that are visible.

-Lock your car doors!

-Never leave expensive purchases and bags on your backseat; immediately place them in your trunk. If not, car thieves will be feasting their eyes on your goodies.

-Never walk to your car with more than you can handle. If you need help, feel free to ask a security guard to walk you out. Better safe than sorry!

With these safety precautions, you will be able to enjoy an incident-free Black Friday. Shopping may seem like a harmless activity, but not this weekend!

If you are concerned about your vehicle this Friday, it may be time to check in on your auto insurance. It’s easy to receive a free car insurance quote in Connecticut. At The John M. Glover Agency, we make it easy to choose a reliable policy. You have the option to look into: bodily injury liability, medical payments, collision, comprehensive, property damage liability and uninsured motorist coverage. Don’t let this weekend get the best of your finances- both in the stores and on the road!

Happy shopping!


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