Things You Can Do To Lower Your Auto Insurance Quote That Connecticut Residents Should Know

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When getting an auto insurance quote, Connecticut residents
know that there are many factors that affect their premium. Some of these
factors, like your age, gender, and driving record, are out of your control.

There are quite a few things that you can do, though, that
can lower your insurance quote. Connecticut residents should consider the
following ways to lower auto premiums:

  1. Choose a car that is cheaper to insure. Cars
    with great safety ratings, cars that are mostly driven by parents (think
    mini-vans), and cars that are cheap to repair tend to be less expensive to
  2. Having an anti-theft device in your car can be a
    deterrent to thieves, and often reduces auto insurance premiums.
  3. Having a safe driving record indicates that you
    are less of a risk for the insurance company, and is a huge factor when your
    quote is determined.
  4. Credit score is recently being weighted more
    when determining insurance costs. If your score has improved since you bought
    auto insurance last, consider seeing if you can get a lower quote.
  5. Driving less can also lower your quote. After
    all, the less you drive, the less likely you will be in an accident. Because of
    this, someone that only drives to and from work will often pay less than
    someone that uses their vehicle more often.

So remember, when looking for a Connecticut insurance quote,
there are things that affect your price that you can’t change. But there are
also a few factors that are taken into consideration that you can work on! 

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