The July 4th Business Boom and Insurance? Yes!

by owner

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Every year, as people go out to celebrate the long weekend
and the 4th of July, businesses across the country benefit. With the
extra spending on grilling supplies, party equipment, bathing suits, and more, prosperity
is widespread.

With this extra income, Massachusetts and Connecticut
residents should take a moment and reflect on their commercial insurance
policies. Massachusetts business owners in Boston especially had a great
weekend, and with the added benefits, they could easily afford a little extra
coverage from their insurance policies.

So if you have a well padded pocket after this past holiday
weekend, why not look into additional insurance coverage for your businesses,
such as excess liability, extra group benefits, commercial flood insurance, or
another policy you may need bolstered.

If you are able to invest some profits in extra commercial insurance
, you may thank yourself later in the case of an unexpected
lawsuit, fire or flood in your place of business.

Even if you decide not to add extra coverage to your
commercial insurance policies, Massachusetts and Connecticut business owners
should consider going over their policies with their agent, and making sure
that it is perfectly clear what coverage is included, and what may be missing. 

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