The Final Touch to Your New Home: Connecticut Insurance!

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Are you on the move? That is exciting! Moving into a new neighborhood and home is always an exciting time. Yes, it may be a lot of work but the end result will always be worth it. Once the walls have been painted and you are fully unpacked, there is one final touch for your new home: reliable Connecticut insurance! Without coverage in place, your home will be at risk day in and day out, and an accident or issue is the last thing you need as a new homeowner.

What you DO need? A few reminders! We know that moving can be hectic and you may forget a few tasks at hand. Luckily, we have made up a list of the most important ones to remember:

  • Remember to notify the post office of your move. You want to make sure you get all mail and crucial bills on time, right?
  • Introduce yourself to the neighbors as soon as you get the chance. Hey, they may even offer to come over and help you unpack.
  • Change the locks to your new home. You never know who the past owner gave a spare key to.
  • Unpack the kitchen and the bathroom first. These are the two most important rooms.
  • If you have pets, make sure they are not roaming the house while you have movers going in and out. The last thing you need is for your pet to get loose in a foreign neighborhood.

Moving day is sure to be hectic, but a few tips and tricks may help lessen the stress. Sure, in some cases the finishing touch to a home is a great-smelling candle but not according to us! Having reliable Connecticut insurance in place for your home is quite a touch; a secure touch! A typical policy will cover the physical structure of your home, replacement costs, liability, personal possessions and additional living expenses.

Good luck with the move and enjoy your new home!


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