Texting While Driving? You Could Pay More For Car Insurance.

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all know that texting while driving is a dangerous. But were you aware
that reaching for that falling cup or reaching for that napkin can
drastically increase your crash risk. There are a variety of things that
could distract you from driving safely.

Do you Drive While Distracted?

we are all guilty of distracted driving. There are times where we look
away from the road for five seconds- long enough for a child to chase a
his ball in front of your car, or a dog to pop in your path. Even
changing the radio station, popping in a CD, or choosing a new tune on
your iPod can make you take your eyes off the road long enough for
mistakes to happen.

These are just a series of possible
distractions you can be faced with while driving. How many times have
you driven past someone reading a book while driving? Or putting on
makeup? Or shaving? While you may never commit any of these driving
“no-no’s”, they do happen, and they can put you, and every other driver
on the road in danger.

Driving Distracted Can Increase Your Car Insurance Costs

you are shopping for car insurance, you’re driving record plays a large
role in your insurance costs. If you have a good driving record, you
will be viewed by insurance companies as a safe and reliable driver.
Being a safe driver makes you less of a risk and can lower your
insurance rates. A bad driving record can also have the opposite effect
on your rates. Having accidents and tickets on your record can increase
your rates and costs. And driving while distracted can increase the
risks of accidents and tickets.

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