Stress and Your Life

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The main reason you buy life insurance is to take care of your loved ones financially after you have passed away.  But the larger goal is to stay alive as long as possible and take care of your loved ones by actually being in their lives.  A good way to help yourself live that long healthy life is to avoid stress.  Stress causes terrible damage to your body and could lead to obesity, depression and heart problems that could have been avoided.  

Whenever you can, try to steer clear of stressful situations. Find ways to combat stress when it enters your life.  Of course, there are some times that warrant a stressful reaction.  But for the most part, we put unnecessary stress on ourselves.  Remember to always look at the big picture.  Will the thing that’s stressing you out matter in a year?  5 years? 10?  If not, stop worrying about it and go for a walk instead.

There are some things that do not need to be done 100%.  If you are stressing over the icing color not being the exact shade of blue to match Spiderman’s mask on your 5 year-old son’s birthday cupcakes, that’s an unnecessary stress.  Don’t worry about it.  Your son won’t even notice and there is really no reason to worry what anyone else thinks.  Focus more on how happy you will be making your son by attempting Spiderman cupcakes in the first place.

If you need to take a break here and there, it’s OK to do so.  Functioning properly during stressful situations is very difficult. You need to be able to regroup and clear your head from time to time.  It will be good for your body and your mind if you do.  Treat yourself right and you will feel much better now and in the future.

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