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Have you ever stopped to think about your role as a boss? Yes- we know that there are always going to be ungrateful employees who will complain about anything. However, many times it is actually the boss who is the problem. If you believe that you could take a lesson in being a better boss– it is time to pay attention! We have a few tips to share with you, ranging from simply listening to your workers to looking into new commercial insurance policies. Connecticut business owners should pay close attention!

#1: Be open to ideas. Your employees have great ideas- listen to them! You may be the one in charge but 10 brains are better than one.

#2: Provide a better break room. The least you can do is make your employees feel at home while in the office- they are working 40 hour weeks! Providing a nice kitchen with coffee and tea will go a long way.

#3: Look into better benefits. With an update in your commercial insurance policies, Connecticut bosses can enhance their employee perks. Check in on your group benefits policy and make sure you are providing them with the best package the company can offer.

#4: Send positive vibes. If you freak out and blow up in the office and on your employees, you will come off as a jerk. Be a motivational leader and be enthusiastic about work. Positive vibes will bring positive results.

#5: Host company parties. This is a great way to get to know your employees and take an interest in their lives. This also shows your appreciation!

Think about it- your employees do not ask for that much! While they may look for a little raise here and there, they really just want to be respected. What better way to show your appreciation and respect than offering good benefits? By looking into your current commercial insurance policies, Connecticut owners can look into a better plan for both you and your workers. Your employees will thank you!

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