Spring Travels? Prepare Your Car with a Few Tips & CT Car Insurance!

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The clocks have sprung forward, the weather is looking up and it is officially spring; what is not to love? Oh, and did we mention Spring Break is here? Life is good!

This is a popular time for families and friends to hop in the car and hit the highway for a road trip. Whether you will be driving across the country over the next few weeks or driving a few hours for a weekend getaway, it is important that your car is ready. This means having reliable CT car insurance, roadside assistance and preparing your vehicle for travel! Here are a few key tips before you leave:

#1: Make an appointment with your mechanic. It is important to have a trusted mechanic check on your fluids, belts and hoses, tires, air filters, cooling system, etc. Your car should be in tip-top shape before the long journey.

#2: Clean the inside. If you will be having friends or family accompanying you, it is important to clean your car and make it comfortable! There is nothing worse than traveling in a dirty and stuffy vehicle for hours at a time.

#3: Look into roadside assistance. What happens if you get a flat? Now is a good time to look into roadside assistance if you do not have it already. AAA is great for this.

#4: Make sure you are covered. Driving for hours on the open road puts your vehicle at much more of a risk than usual. It is important to make sure you have the proper protection in place.

Preparing your car for the road is not rocket science! All it takes is a little maintenance, cleaning and coverage.

Those who are concerned about their CT car insurance are encouraged to check in with us at The John M. Glover Agency! We would be happy to make sure your vehicle is properly protected with bodily injury liability, collision, comprehensive, property damage liability and more. We will take care of the unexpected; go on and enjoy your trip!


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