Signs of Lyme Disease

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Summer is coming to a close, but ticks are still out there looking for a free ride on the first passer by.  Make sure you protect yourself by wearing light colored clothes (so ticks will stand out), tuck your pants into your socks, and wear long sleeved shirts, pants and closed toe shoes every time you plan on being in an area where ticks are present.  Unfortunately, that area is a large one.  

When you are walking in the woods, stick to the center of trails where the underbrush is shorter.  Ticks like to hang around in tall growth so they can easily grab on to a host.  When you are done with your hike, make sure to check yourself and remove ticks as soon as you find them.  Wash the area with soap and water and keep an eye on it.  If a rash forms, contact your doctor.

If you notice any other symptoms like chills, fever, joint and muscle aches, headaches or fatigue, you may be experiencing symptoms of Lyme disease.  Don’t hesitate to see your doctor.  Certain ticks including those found in our area can carry Lyme disease and spread it to you through their bites.  It is important to be tested so you can be given proper medicine to help offset symptoms.  

Your best bet to avoiding Lyme disease is to avoid ticks and be very vigilant in checking yourself and your loved ones after every outdoor adventure.  Just wear the right protective clothing and make sure you pay attention to your signs if you were bitten by a tick.  If you have any concerns at all, call your doctor’s office and make an appointment.  You will feel better knowing there is nothing wrong with you than worrying that something might be, wouldn’t you?  Get it checked out.


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