School Is Starting Soon! Here’s One Supply That’s Not On Their List

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With August peeking around the corner, it is back to school
time again! You and your kids will probably run frantically to the mall to get
new clothes, shoes, school supplies, and the like. One purchase that many
parents don’t even think about getting for their kids is an insurance quote.

New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut parents should put
some thought into getting a quote on student accident insurance.

Sure, some college
students have health or renters insurance
, but have you ever thought about
insuring your K-12 student?

We strongly recommend speaking to an expert to get an insurance quote for New York, MA, or CT
schoolchildren if you fall into one of the following categories:

  • You are unemployed
  • Your current employer does
    not offer a family health insurance plan
  • You have lost family
    health benefits provided by a previous employer
  • You wish to have extra
    coverage for your child

If any of these situations sounds familiar, it may be in
your child’s best interest to consider a student
accident insurance
policy. It can be a huge asset to you and your children
in case there is an accident that is not covered by health insurance. 

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