Road Trip Ahead? Prepare Your Vehicle!

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Are you ready to hit the road this summer? With school out, now is a common time for families and friends to jump in the car and head off on a road trip! Whether you will be driving cross country or simply driving a few states over, it is important to prepare your vehicle for lengthy travels. This includes cleaning the interior, maintenance work and checking on your CT car insurance policy.

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To help you prepare, we have put together a quick list of reminders:

•    Visit your mechanic. He or she should make sure all fluid levels are topped off, tired are properly inflated, battery is in tip-top shape, etc.

•    Give your car a nice scrub on the outside and clean out the inside! Your passengers will appreciate a clean interior.

•    Make sure you equip your car with road maps and a GPS device to avoid getting lost.

•    Fill up on gas whenever you get the chance. You never know when you will be lost, or where the next gas exit will be.

•    Make room in your trunk for baggage and necessities. Take out all unnecessary items to avoid an overstuffed trunk.

•    Make sure the A/C is working properly.

•    Have you joined AAA yet? This may be a good idea, especially for roadside assistance.

Once you have gone over these crucial tasks, you should be ready to hit the highway!

If you are concerned about coverage before heading off on vacation, have no fear. Our local insurance agency would be more than happy to look over your CT car insurance policy. We want to make sure you have all the necessary coverage in place, from comprehensive to uninsured motorist coverage!


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