Our Connecticut Insurance Agency Has 5 Reasons Why YOU Should Be Smiling!

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Smile! Okay, now that you are smiling, pay close attention. Did you know that smiling can do wonders for both your overall mood and health? It is funny how such a simple gesture could benefit your health but it is true. Our Connecticut insurance agency has looked into this study and would like to share some of these benefits with you!

Here are five reasons why you should be smiling RIGHT NOW:

#1: Smiling is a natural mood booster. It is true: smiling can trick the body into thinking you are happier. Try it out for yourself!

#2: Smiling is like a drug. Studies have shown that smiling releases feel-good endorphins, natural painkillers and serotonin into our system. Between all three of these chemicals being released, our body is sure to feel good!

#3: Smiling can lower blood pressure. If you are smiling, you will notice a reduction in your blood pressure. Try this out next time you are checking your blood pressure at the local pharmacy!

#4: Smiling makes us look more attractive. The specific muscles we use to smile make our face appear younger, eliminating lines and wrinkles. It is like a natural face lift. Also, smiling draws people’s attention. It is much more attractive than a frown or scowl.

#5: Smiling can boost your immune system. The more relaxed you are, the less stress on your immune system. Smiling and being cheery is a sure way to keep your immune system and health up to par.

We are all about happiness and health here at the John M. Glover Agency. As a result, our Connecticut insurance agency offers affordable and reliable health insurance to our clients. Rising health care prices and medical bills should never be a reason to put your health on hold. Having health insurance will allow residents to visit their doctor without the added financial stress. A typical policy covers: prescriptions, doctor visits, specialized care, medical testing, surgical procedures and more.

Now THAT is a reason to smile!


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