Our Commercial Insurance Policies in CT Can Take Care of Crime!

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No matter what type of business you run, crime is an issue that will never go away. Whether you experience a break-in or embezzlement, these issues may never go away. However, with the proper commercial insurance policies, Connecticut business owners can protect their company against any losses or damages associated with crime.

While coverage is crucial and can help during such a rough time, it is always better to play it safe. Here are a few tips that may help prevent crime at your place of business:

•    Invest in a great set of security equipment, whether you look into cameras, video surveillance or just an alarm system.

•    Make sure you lock up or take home any valuables before leaving the building for the night. A safe is a great way to do this.

•    Make sure your building is well lit or at least install a few flood lights. Places that are in the dark are an easier target for trespassers.

•    Make sure your Connecticut commercial insurance policies are in place for the worst case scenario. You may need to look into general liability and even crime insurance.

•    Run a background check on all incoming employees. This way, you will know which employees are clean and who may need to be carefully looked after.

Let’s face it- sometimes crime is completely unavoidable. As a business owner, you cannot possibly predict everything! However, what you can do is stay prepared and protected. With the proper commercial insurance policies, Connecticut business owners will be ready to tackle any issues with crime, from damages to financial losses. Make sure you speak with our agent about a policy to cover embezzlement or theft by employees, forgery, hacking, theft by an outsider and even burglary damages to your property. It’s better to be safe now than sorry later!


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