Off-roading Vehicle Safety from Your Connecticut Insurance Agency

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The weather has been warming up in New England! What have you been doing to enjoy the great outdoors? Now is a popular time to break out all the spring toys, such as dirt bikes, motorcycles and even four wheelers. It’s off-roading season! Are you covered with the proper Connecticut insurance?

Now that the season has begun, it may be a good idea to go over a few safety rules and precautions before you hit the dirt road.

•    Make sure your vehicle is running properly, gassed up, filled with fuels, etc. Your bike should be properly maintained for the smoothest ride possible.

•    Know the area that you will be riding in. The last thing you need is unexpected terrain to put an end to your fun.

•    Make sure you are geared up. A helmet, sturdy jacket, boots, gloves and long pants are usually perfect for these types of adventures.

•    Consider taking a safety training course to keep your knowledge on safety sharp.

•    Stay OFF of paved roads. These vehicles are designed for rough terrain, NOT public roads.

•    Avoid going alone. It is best to have a buddy, just in case you are injured or lost.

If you follow these off-roading safety tips, you may be able to avoid a disaster this season. However, all the safety precautions in the world will not eliminate the risk 100%! This is where our unique Connecticut insurance policy comes into play. Be sure to ask us about our off-road vehicle and ATV insurance options. Your vehicles and liability should be covered at all times; the dirt road can be a dangerous place!


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