New Home? Receive a Free Insurance Quote, Connecticut!

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Congratulations! First-time homeowners have a lot to be proud of. Purchasing a home is most likely the greatest investment one will ever make. It’s a great feeling when the key is handed over; so are you ready to turn your new house into a home? There is so much to do- between moving in and looking into coverage, it is going to be a busy few weeks. Have no fear- we make it easy to receive a free insurance quote in Connecticut!

Here are a few reminders to keep you on top of the moving process:

-Be sure to change the locks on your home; you never know who has a spare key!

-Inform your close friends, family, and the post office of your new address.

-Make sure you purchase reliable home insurance. A typical policy will cover: the structure of your home, additional living expenses, personal possessions, and liability.

-Unpack the most important rooms first: the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

-Make sure all fire and safety alarms are working properly by putting in fresh batteries.

-Don’t forget to meet the neighbors- they may even come over to help!

With these few moving tips, you should be settled and secure in no time! After receiving a free insurance quote, Connecticut residents should choose policies that fit their new home. A typical policy may be enough for some, but don’t forget about additional policies. If the neighborhood is prone to flooding, a flood insurance policy can be added. If you own a few pets, it may be best to look into animal liability. Whatever you need, we will have you covered! Enjoy your new home!


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