New Car This Holiday? Check Out New Insurance Quotes in Connecticut!

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What is better than getting a new car for the holidays? Not much! The smell of a new car…there is nothing quite like it! You may think that it will soon fade away, but with the proper care and coverage, you can keep your car in tip-top shape. All it takes is dedicated upkeep and reliable insurance. New Connecticut insurance quotes should go hand-in-hand with your new ride.

Here are a few ways you can keep your new car from getting old:

#1: Keep it clean. Implement a policy from the beginning: if you take it in, you must take it out! If you stick to this rule, your car will not be filled with junk and garbage.

#2: Wax. The occasional wax is crucial after cleaning your vehicle. The wax acts as a protector and will help keep scratches and marks off of the paint.

#3: Bag it up. Keep a small trash bag in your car to avoid throwing garbage on the floor or seats.

#4: Reliable car insurance. All cars deserve the proper coverage. Make sure your auto insurance covers: collision, comprehensive, medical, property and much more.

#5: No smoking. Smoking in your vehicle is the fastest way to lose the new car smell. Not only will it smell while you are smoking, but will linger in your vehicle forever. If you must smoke, wait until you reach your destination.

These five tips are only a few ways to keep your car from turning old overnight. If you receive a gift as exciting as a car, you better plan on taking good care of it! By looking into reliable auto insurance quotes, Connecticut drivers will be taking the first step to protecting their new whip.

Enjoy your new car!


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