Lowering Business Insurance Quote for Connecticut Businesses

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Here at The John M. Glover Agency, we always want to make
sure that your insurance premiums are the lowest possible. For business owners,
there are a
few things
you can do to keep your premiums to the most affordable level

  1. Make sure all your insurance is up to date and accurate. For
    example, if you are no longer in possession of a delivery car you used to use,
    removing that car from your commercial auto policy will save you money.
  2. Review employee list. Just as you would with possessions,
    your list of insured and key employees needs to be up to date. Set aside a time
    every month or so to review and make necessary changes to this list.
  3. Have a ‘safety plan.’ Businesses with a safety plan are
    likelier to have a lower insurance quote. Connecticut businesses are encouraged
    to have a clearly worded plan to ensure and reward a safe workplace.
  4. If your premium is still too high, speak to your insurance
    agent. Connecticut
    insurance quotes
    are flexible in their coverage. It is likely that an
    insurance agent will be able to recommend where coverage can be lessened a
    little without hurting your business in attempts to keep you within your
    insurance budget.

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