Looking to Lower Your Home Insurance Quote in Connecticut?

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Homeowners across the nation are constantly looking for ways to lower their cost of living. Statistics showed that the number one resolution for 2012 was to save money this year! There are a variety of ways you can start saving, from going green to cutting your energy-use in half. As your insurance experts, we have a few ways you can score a lower home insurance quote in Connecticut.

•    Raise your deductible if you can afford it. You can save up to 25%!

•    Bundle your auto, home and life insurance with the same agency. Being a loyal customer has its perks, saving on your premium is one of them.

•    Increase security features in your home. Safety and security is a factor when determining your premium. By having alarms, cameras and even gates, you may qualify for a discount.

•    Shop around to find the best quote possible.

•    Continually review your coverage to avoid gaps.

•    Pay your bills on time! Having a poor credit score will negatively affect your premium.

The best way to find out about discounts is to simply ask your agent. Those who take the time to research and ask questions are sure to find ways to lower their insurance quote. Connecticut residents are sure to enjoy their savings by the end of the year!

Good luck!


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