Is your Dog Safe to be Around?

by owner

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Even if you love your dog to bits, you still might know that he isn’t as obedient as you might like him to be.  You always feel like you are walking on eggshells when he is around other dogs or people and you worry what could happen if he attacked someone.  It might be time you talked with a professional trainer to see if you can teach an old dog some new tricks.  

Owning a dog that is not obedient can lead to serious problems if he were to attack someone.  Unfortunately, dog bite laws are strict in a lot of states.  In fact, some insurance companies will not even write your homeowners insurance policy if you own certain breeds of dogs.  There is a list of about 75 different breeds that are considered more risky than others due to their aggressive nature.  Of course, some dogs of these breeds do not fit the aggressive profile the same as some dogs that can be terribly aggressive aren’t on the list at all.  But if your dog is on the list, you will need to talk with your insurance agent to find out what coverage you actually have.

It may be hard to determine the reasoning behind your dog’s disobedient personality.  If you got him from a pound, he may have been previously abused.  He may have gone through some traumatic event that left him feeling threatened frequently.  No matter what the reason you will need to find a way to show him that he is in a loving environment now while also showing him that he needs to listen to your commands.  It is a delicate mix that might not be hard to grasp.  That’s where the professional trainers can come in and help.  Talk to a trainer today to find out about keeping your family pet out of harm’s way.


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