Is There A Hurricane Insurance Quote? Massachusetts and Northeast Residents Ask

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With Irene on her way to the Northeast, many people up here
are wondering how to protect themselves in the worst case scenario.

While Florida and the rest of the south is usually the area
of the country that has to deal with hurricanes, it seems that with hurricane
Irene, we drew the short straw. So with the knowledge that this storm is on her
way, some people are looking for an insurance quote.

Massachusetts residents, and those residents of states that
might be hit by Irene, should know
a few things
when it comes to hurricanes and insurance:

The first thing you should know if you are considering
buying a new insurance policy is that your Home insurance will sometimes cover
hurricanes. With certain policies, depending on the policy carrier, you do not
need a separate hurricane policy.

Also, it is critical to know that if you do have hurricane
protection, it will not cover damage
due to floods. Flood insurance is its own separate policy, and needs to be
purchased separately from home or hurricane insurance.

So make sure to keep these things in mind with Irene on her
way, and if you would like to speak to an insurance representative about your
personal coverage, or want to request a Massachusetts
insurance quote
, never hesitate to give us a call. 

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