Insurance Insights Volume 42: Shopping for Auto Insurance

by tlipp

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Insurance Insights: Shopping for Auto Insurance

As with most consumer products and services, if you want to get the best price in an automobile insurance policy, it pays to shop around. In fact, by simply choosing another insurance company, consumers can save up to hundreds of dollars on their policies. To save time, start your search for the best policy at the best price with your own independent insurance agent. Doing so circumvents long, time-consuming searches on the Internet. An experienced independent agent is familiar with the prices and products of a wide range of insurance companies from which a consumer can make an informed choice. Web sites may offer price comparisons, but they do not help you devise cost-saving strategies the way an agent can.

Our market capabilities are vast, enabling us to solve a myriad of insurance problems – problems often beyond the scope of many agencies. If you have questions or need additional information, contact us. Let us help you by having the right protection for any situation. Insurance doesn’t cost – it pays! Whether or not you are currently a client, we invite you to stop in.

Quick Tip: It may be a good idea to offset the recommended increase in the liability coverage of your auto policy by raising the deductible.

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