Insurance Insights: Choose Carefully

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Insurance Insights: Choose Carefully

One of the best ways to cut your automobile insurance costs is to choose your vehicle carefully. While your insurance rates reflect your driving record, age, and where you live, premiums also depend on the value of the vehicle, its theft rate, and its repair/replacement costs. Some categories of vehicles cost more to insure than others. For instance, sport utility vehicles (SUVs) have high theft rates, and accidents in which they are involved tend to result in relatively higher claims. Thus, an SUV is likely to cost more to insure than a sedan of comparable value. When you are considering the purchase of a vehicle, consult with your insurance agent to see how premiums may vary.

When it comes to insurance rates, you have some say in how much you’ll have to pay. Maintaining a superb driving record means you won’t have to file any claims, which keeps your rates down. At the John M. Glover Agency, an agent will help you understand these factors so you can work toward qualifying for a lower rate. Unlike major insurance companies, we have access to multiple carriers, so we can shop around to find the best coverage options that fit within your budget.

Quick Tip: Skimping on liability coverage is definitely not a good way to try to save money on your auto insurance.

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