Insurance Insights: Is Bigger Really Safer?

by fforlivio

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Insurance Insights: Is Bigger Really Safer?

Many families cite safety as their primary justification for purchasing large, heavy sport utility vehicles (SUVs), but a new report questions the validity of this reasoning. According to the ongoing study, which is a collaboration between a children’s hospital and an auto insurance company, SUVs’ increased risk of rolling over negates the added safety associated with large, heavy vehicles. Specifically, analysis of data of crashes involving nearly 4,000 child passengers up to age 15 in either SUVs or passenger cars (model year 1998 and newer) reveals that rollovers were twice as likely to occur in SUVs as in passenger cars. In either vehicle, rollover was associated with increased risk of injury. Rollover crashes triple children’s risk of injury.

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Quick Tip: Children who are not buckled into their seats are 25 times more likely to suffer an injury than those restrained in a car seat, booster seat, or seatbelt.

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