House Fire? Check Out Home Insurance Quotes in Connecticut!

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Fireplaces, space heaters, electric blankets… oh my!  The winter is a time to be cozy but all these heating devices can serve as fire hazards in your home. If you are not careful, you may be facing the flames. Luckily, we have a few tips that may help you avoid a home fire. We also offer a free home insurance quote for Connecticut residents. Your home can never be too protected!

Always remember to:

•    Turn off your heating blanket when it is not in use.

•    Avoid smoking in your home.

•    Blow out any candles burning in your home before heading out or going to bed.

•    Keep your fireplace clean and in tip-top shape.

•    Keep space heaters at least 3 feet away from any items that could burn or catch fire.

•    Avoid overloading wall outlets and sockets.

•    Clean your kitchen appliances to avoid a sudden fire.

•    Always stand by the stove or oven when cooking.

Honestly, all it takes is common sense and mindfulness to avoid a home fire. Homeowners may take their homes for granted, but if you do not take care of it, it will not take care of you. It is important that you are always prepared for the worst case scenario, no matter how careful you may be! This means having multiple evacuation routes planned, having a fire extinguisher and looking into a home insurance quote. Connecticut residents must make sure that their coverage is ready to tackle any financial devastation caused by a home fire, large or small. A typical home insurance policy will cover: the physical structure of your home, additional living expenses, replacement costs, personal possessions and liability.

It is better to be safe than sorry!


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