Fire Drills

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Do you have a plan if a fire should start in your home?  A lot of homeowners just assume they will know how to escape a fire without really practicing.  Conducting regular fire drills will help you and your family prepare for the worst.  If a fire were to break out right now, what would you do?  

First things first, think about how you will escape.  Starting with your bedrooms, plan for more than one escape route from each room in the house.  The first exit should obviously be the door, but the second could be a window.  If you can not escape through the window, you can always stand by it so firefighters can see you.

Next, find and designate a meeting spot outside for everyone who will be evacuating the house. It could be a neighbor’s house or a tree across the street.  Whatever spot you choose be sure that everyone knows to go there in an emergency.

Now that you have your plan, you will need to designate some duties to your family members.  Decide who will be in charge of helping the children get out.  If you have elderly family members or people with disabilities living at your home, make sure someone is in charge of getting them out as well.  

Share your plans with anyone who comes to visit your home.  Babysitters, overnight guests… anyone who frequently visits.  It is important that they have safe passage out of your home if there is a fire as well.  Keep all your hallways and floors clear so there are not extra fire hazards in the way.  Also so no one has to worry about tripping over something in their escape.  Practice your fire drills often to ensure your family can have a safe escape in the event of a fire.


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