Excess Liability

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Your home is your sanctuary.  You have a lovely swimming pool that you like to enjoy with family and friends.  You all like to sit out there and relax with some poolside cocktails, good food and some good laughs all around.  Thinking about problems or unhappy issues seems to wash away when you jump into that pool.  But what happens if that pool becomes the source of an unhappy issue?

Having your friends over to swim is very relaxing, indeed, but what happens if one of your friends gets hurt out there?  What if someone falls in and almost drowns?  That would be devastating for everyone involved.  Not only would you have to deal with a hurt friend, but you may have to deal with unspeakable medical bills.

Your homeowners insurance does cover liability for accidents involving third parties, but it might not cover as much as you think.  When you have a pool installed at your home, you may need to have additional liability insurance.  Most homeowners carriers require you to have higher limits of liability on your policy when you own a swimming pool, but even those limits may not cover everything in full.

You can opt for an excess liability policy that will cover these types of accidents in and around your home.  Swimming pools can be as dangerous as they are fun.  Make sure you have enough coverage to protect you from paying excessive medical bills when someone has an unforeseen accident at your next poolside party.

Talk with your insurance agent to find out what type of liability insurance you currently carry on your homeowners policy.  Find out if purchasing an extra excess liability policy would be in your best interest.  You never know, it might just be the last thing you need to make your pool the most relaxing place in your sanctuary.


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