CT Car Insurance: Collision Coverage

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If you have ever been in a car accident that involved another party, you know that in order to get your car fixed after a collision your CT car insurance policy better have collision coverage.  If you don’t, you will be paying out of pocket for the repairs to any damage done to your car.  

When starting out, a lot of people opt for the minimum car insurance required strictly because it can be expensive otherwise.  The problem is the minimum requirements don’t cover much.  They strictly cover damage or injuries you may cause to other people when you’re driving.  The minimum does nothing for your own car or yourself.  The law only wants to make sure you have the means to pay for an accident involving another party.  

If you have not already considered collision insurance on your CT car insurance policy, it might be worth the few extra bucks.  If you drive to work every day and use your vehicle as you main means of transportation, imagine what would happen if it was out of commission and you couldn’t pay to have it fixed.  How would you get to work?  If you can’t get to work, how will you get money to get your car fixed?  It’s a vicious cycle that could be stopped by having collision insurance added to your policy right now.

Talking with your CT car insurance agent will be helpful.  You can find out what other additional policy features might benefit you.  If you are concerned about the increase in premium, ask your agent about any available discounts you might qualify for.  If you are a good student or have taken any driver safety courses within the few last years, you might be entitled to a significant price cut.  It might make that collision insurance much more affordable.


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