Connecticut Recovers $519,629 from Insurance Complaints

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The Connecticut Insurance Department recently announced that is has gained over $519,629 from insurance companies for consumers in the first quarter of 2009. The money was recovered from 304 complaints about claims, or other issues. Accident and health insurance complaints made up 40% of the total number of complaints and accounted for $215,350- a large portion of the total. Auto insurance complaints also raked in a whopping $86,593.

No matter how you slice it, the claims process is typically a rough one for both insurance companies and consumers. When you file a claim, it can take months- even years to get the monetary retribution that you thought your insurance entitles you to. And sometimes, after talked to a million people, and filing a ton of paperwork, the carrier you thought you trusted can deny your claim, making all your hard work mean nothing. Health and auto insurance claims can be particularly difficult. Because there can be an array of loopholes in your policy an accident or health issue that was beyond your control, may actually turn out to be your fault. Go figure.

Often, complaints tend to arise when policyholders feel they are left out of the loop. In order to avoid being kept in the dark, it may be better for you to opt for an independent agency. Independent agents work for you, and not the carriers- so if you have a relevant claim, they will be fighting for you- not trying to find a reason why you don’t deserve reimbursement. And they are local- so if you are confused about your situation, you can drive to their office and bring your questions to your agent.

Although a variety of tips exist about speeding up the claims process, your best bet may be to choose to go independent. A great place to start is with John M. Glover Agency. We have offices throughout Connecticut and all over New England with eager agents who would be happy to have your business. Visit our Virtual Insurance Office now to learn more about your auto insurance and health insurance options.

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