Connecticut Insurance for Your Business May Help Cover Errors!

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It does not matter what type of career you hold, there is always room for mistakes. Yes, even CEO’s make an occasional error; they are only human! While business owners and employees will do their best to avoid a costly mistake, it is not always possible. For those times when an error slips by, there is errors and omissions insurance. This Connecticut insurance policy can be a part of your business insurance plan, just ask!

Even with coverage in place, it is still best to avoid a mistake as best as possible. Here are a few tips that may help improve accuracy in the office:

•    Ask for a second opinion. Peer revision is not only for high school students! It never hurts to have a second pair of eyes or just an opinion before submitting work.

•    Triple check your work before submission.

•    Document! Having proof when a problem arises may make all the difference.

•    Always confirm a decision with your client. This is important for those who work as financial advisers or even lawyers. You should always get the client’s approval before going ahead with a decision!

Those who are careless and do not care to check for accuracy will find themselves facing a much larger issue down the line. The last thing you need is an error to tarnish your reputation (or drain your bank account!) For a second line of protection during these times, it is best to be equipped with errors and omissions. Contact our Connecticut insurance agency for more information on this policy!


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