Connecticut Commercial Insurance: Ways to Save Your Business

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Here at the John M. Glover Agency, we deal with insurance
every day. We see many different people that come in looking for commercial
insurance policies. Connecticut small business owners are no doubt going
through tough times in this economy.

If your business is starting to struggle, try these tips:

  1. List all the problems
    your business has.
    Make sure this list is as comprehensive as possible.
    List all problems, both large and small.
  2. Get a second opinion.
    Have another person, someone who knows business protocols and your business
    look over your list. Chances are they will both delete from and add to the
    list. Getting this second perspective is very important, though.
  3. Take one thing at a
    Looking at your problem list may be discouraging, but if you take
    your list and fix one thing at a time, your business should steadily improve.

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During all this work, remember all the pride you have in
your small business, and remind yourself that all your work will be worth it in
the end.

There is little in this world more rewarding than owning a
successful business, and remember that the John M. Glover Agency is always here
to help in any way we can. And in case of a disaster, your Connecticut commercial
insurance policies
will be able to protect you and your business!

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