Connecticut Business Owners Need More Than Commercial Insurance Policies!

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When you are starting up a small business, you know how
important it is to browse for commercial insurance policies. Connecticut offers
many choices, but we believe that you will find your best alternatives here at
The John M. Glover Agency. Besides the right Connecticut commercial
insurance policy
, however, small businesses need the following
three things
to maintain a positive image and acquire and maintain a
client base:

  • A solid staff – the building block of any small business is
    the staff that runs it. If you start your business of with a helpful,
    energetic, and friendly staff, first time clients are more likely to remember
    your business and come back! And every business owner knows the importance of
    return clients!
  • A website – having an online presence is very important to
    small businesses. It will allow you to reach out to clients, and inform them of
    products and services no matter where they are or what time of day it is. A
    clean and tidy web site will also make people more likely to share your website
    with family and friends, thereby spreading word of mouth about your business.
  • A social media presence – this third thing on our list is
    possibly the most important thing you can have as a small business (besides a
    commercial insurance policy, of course!). A social media policy allows a small
    business to interact with the community and all of their clients in one
    place. By occasionally posting status updates, tweets, pictures, and prizes,
    you can keep your clients thinking about your business all the time!

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