Common 4th of July Insurance Claims, and How to Avoid Them!

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With the Fourth of July holiday fast approaching, it is
important to know what your Connecticut
home insurance
policy covers and how to prevent any mishaps that may

Each home insurance policy is different, so it is impossible
to say with certainty what each person has covered, and what you may be at risk
for. The circumstances of the incident also determine exactly what coverage
(and how much) you have.

For example, if a rogue fire work ignites leaves that are in
your gutters, it may be covered under a clause in your home insurance.
Connecticut residents should be very careful with where they aim fireworks for
exactly this reason. Try to avoid areas of dry leaves or grass, and make sure
that there are no tree overhangs that could catch a spark.

Another important firework safety tip is to have as few
people around the lighting area as possible. Everyone that is not directly
lighting the firework should stay a safe distance away, to avoid personal
injury. If an unfortunate injury does occur, though, there is a chance that it
is covered under your home insurance. Connecticut, and many other states, allow
for medical payments to other people that are injured on your property.

And if you are choosing to spend your long weekend another
way, make sure that you will be covered. Holiday weekends are notorious for
accidents, so now is a great time to check up on your insurance policies, especially
home, watercraft, and auto insurance.

Have a fun and safe Fourth of July weekend!

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