Commercial Insurance Policies Protect Connecticut Business Owners

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Almost every person has an idea for a business they would like
to own. For example, when I was growing up, my mother always talked about
starting her own cookie shop. I tell you, she made the best cookies in the
neighborhood. The shop would have been a huge hit, but it unfortunately never
came to fruition.

The sole reason that my mother never opened her cookie shop
was the huge cost of starting a small business. It is for this reason that at
The John M. Glover Agency thinks that all small businesses need commercial insurance
policies. Connecticut small businesses and their owners need to be protected,
and you need to insure all the money that you put into a business to get it

Think with me for a minute on how much time,
effort, and capital
needs to be put into a new small business:

  • Coming up with a business plan
  • Finding a location to do business
  • Paying rent, bills, and possibly costs for raw materials
  • Getting the word out about your business with marketing
  • Production or delivery of your good or service
  • And so much more!

With all of these costs, businesses need the best commercial insurance
policies Connecticut
can offer. We hate to see businesses go under. What we
hate even more is to see their owners struggle financially because of something
the right commercial insurance policy could have prevented.

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