Commercial Insurance Policies in Connecticut Will Cover Theft This Holiday

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Now that the holidays are here, we can only imagine how busy your retail shop is! Before you get too excited about the busy season, it is important to make sure you are 100% ready for it. This does not only mean hiring the extra staff and ordering extra inventory…you must protect your shop! By looking into commercial insurance policies in Connecticut, you will be ready to handle any in-store theft. Sadly, it is the season of shoplifting.

There are a few ways you can identity a shoplifter. We are here to share these characteristics with you…

-If you notice a customer constantly checking out the cashier or other employees, keep an eye out. Many shoplifters will keep their eyes on the staff.

-Keep an eye on large groups who cluster together. This is a common sign of shoplifting.

-If a person is going in and out of the dressing room with many items and coming out with a few, that is a good sign they are hiding something.

-Many times, you can pick a shoplifter out due to their general nervousness. Watch for those who are browsing but seem uninterested in the items they are picking up.

-Shoplifters may be wearing bulky clothing or jackets, even if the temperature does not call for coats.

-Watch for groups who cause commotion. Many times, they may be working together and trying to distract employees.

Spotting a shoplifter is not as easy as it seems. Of course, many people who are NOT shoplifting have some of these characteristics. That is why it is crucial to have back up coverage. With the proper commercial insurance policies, Connecticut shop owners can make sure they are covered for any claims or lawsuits made against the store. You can also be covered from any theft, embezzlement or any other loss of inventory. This is crucial around the holidays!

Do not let a shoplifter get the best of your sales this season.


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