Commercial Insurance Policies in Connecticut Can Help Avoid Discrimination Claims

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What is the greatest fear of a business owner? For some, it is going under. For others, it is a lawsuit. This comes as no surprise- there are so many different issues that could lead to a lawsuit these days. One of those issues? Discrimination claims. Luckily, there are commercial insurance policies in Connecticut that can help take care of legal issues but it is still better to avoid these claims all together.

We have a few tips to avoid employee discrimination claims in your workplace:

•    Make sure you and your employees fully understand what discrimination is. If no one is aware, how do you expect to avoid it?

•    Make sure all employees and incoming employees know about your policies against discrimination. You should have these policies in place and they should be signed by your workers.

•    Always document any complaints or actions.

•    Offer meetings and seminars that focus on discrimination and how to avoid it. This way, you can constantly educate and remind your employees how important this issue is to the company.

•    Enforce a “three strikes” policy when it comes to this issue.

While these are all great ways to protect your company from a discrimination claim, sometimes this issue still happens. In the event that your company is sued, it is best to have coverage. With the proper commercial insurance policies, Connecticut business owners will protect themselves from financial loss and a bad reputation.  Having a general liability policy will make sure you are not stuck paying attorney fees and court costs.

It is better to be safe than sorry!


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