Business Insurance: CT Business Owner’s Guide

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The John M. Glover Agency offers many different business
insurance policies. We covered a majority of them a few weeks ago in a previous
blog post

This week, we will discuss some business insurance CT
employers may have noticed that we missed on that list last month! These are
all insurance policies and planning services that our agency offers:

  • Workers Compensation – covers medical expenses of employees
    that are injured. In most states, this policy is required of all businesses
    with employees.
  • Commercial Flood – Just like the flood insurance offered for
    personal properties, this policy protects your business from water damage.
  • Directors and Officers – provides coverage for a board of
    directors and officers of a business if they are sued. Businesses often require
    this as a protection against financial losses.
  • Employee Education – We will help you find an employee
    education plan that is right for your business. The extra training is a must
    have in today’s business environment!
  • Retirement Plan Administration – Help your employees feel
    secure in their retirement. With a retirement package from John M. Glover, you
    can tailor a policy to fit the needs of your business and your employees.
  • Business Succession Planning – this service will be a huge
    benefit to business owners when they decide to retire themselves. If you start
    the process early, you will be less pressured and stressed when it comes time
    to settle down.

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