Bike Racks and Your Connecticut Insurance

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You’re driving along I-91 just minding your own business, thinking about the vacation you are about to experience: a bike riding adventure along the shoreline.  Suddenly, you hear something snap and look in your rear view mirror to see your bike fly off the rack onto the road.  You pull over and walk back to your mangled bike and see it’s going to be in need of some serious repair.  So who’s going to pay for it?  Time to call your Connecticut insurance agent.

For the most part, you’ll be covered.  But which insurance do you think would cover the damage to your bike?  Most people would think that auto insurance would cover it, but that’s the wrong answer.  The truth is your bike would be covered under your homeowners policy.  Any damage to the bike rack on your car will be covered under your auto policy.

Depending on the damage to your bike and the deductible you have set on your homeowners policy, you may need to file a claim.  Check the damages to see if it’s worth having them fixed with out filing versus paying the deductible and having insurance cover the rest.  The damages might be small enough to just pay the repair man out of your pocket.  Remember, if you are dealing with damage to your bike rack, you will be filing a separate claim with your auto insurance which means another deductible to think about.

If you do choose to file a claim, follow the correct procedure your Connecticut insurance carrier requires.  If you don’t know that procedure, contact the insurance agent that got you the coverage.  She will be able to find out for you what your best option will be.  Don’t let a little accident spoil your Connecticut bike riding vacation.  Have a great time and stay safe!


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